Dream of: 01 April 1992 "Flood Victims"

My wife Carolina, her friend Yonis, and I were in the same bed together. All of us took off our clothes – Carolina and I intending to have sex in front of Yonis. I inserted my penis into Carolina's vagina at an angle so Yonis could see, all the while admiring how attractive Yonis's nude body was. I leaned my head toward Yonis's black pubic hairs, intending to start licking her. But it seemed as if she didn't want me to do so. I thought of kissing her breasts, and finally I decided I would simply stop having sex with Carolina and start having sex with Yonis. When Yonis asked if I could stick something besides my penis in her, I thought I might just use my fingers. She said that six inches would be all right, but that more would hurt her. I interpreted that as meaning that I could stick my fingers up to six inches in her.

I liked Yonis, but since I was married to Carolina, I couldn't marry Yonis. I thought perhaps the three of us could live together. She could have the same status as Carolina and share in the income.


The next morning I walked into the bedroom and lay down next to Carolina. Yonis was lying on her stomach on the other side of Carolina. I put my arm around Yonis, reaching under her to squeeze her breast. I was somewhat disappointed when it seemed a bit saggy.


Carolina and I were in pickup truck which I was driving. We were trying to reach a small cabin next to a sea or lake where we had left Yonis. Suddenly when I was almost on top of it, I saw the road in front of me was covered with water. From the height of the water I realized the place where we had left Yonis must have been completely covered with water. I began backing up, concerned about what must have happened to Yonis.


Carolina and I were in a large building in a room in which people were sitting. I was told that there were two more rooms with people and that Yonis might be in the third room. Apparently the room was a shelter where the flood victims had been brought. I realized we were on an island and the island had been flooded. We walked into the second room and I noticed some men in business suits sitting there. Apparently everyone had been affected by the flood. We walked into the third room, still looking for Yonis.

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