Dream of: 31 March 1992 "Gray Pelican"

I had arrived at a courthouse where I was supposed to have a hearing today. In front of the courthouse I encountered a large, gray pelican blocking my way. It stood with its back to me, and when it spread its wings, I saw in the middle of its back a large orange circle which reminded me of the sun. After watching it strut around, I suddenly realized I should have included the bird in my pleadings.

I finally walked past the bird and into the courtroom. I had three cases, two of which were against the attorney Pam Bassel, who was also in the courtroom. After sitting down, I pulled out my legal papers and made changes in them to account for the bird. Yet I was rather confused by the matter and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

When it was time for us to go into another room, I picked up my things, which consisted of two large sacks, about the size of garbage bags. I carried them into the other room, sat down, and began doing some more writing. I had a small certificate on which I wrote some things with pen which had gold-colored ink. I talked with Pam and told her I had everything ready on the two cases which I had for her. I had prepared one order for both cases. In one of the cases, a payment schedule had been attached to the motion which had been filed. When Pam reviewed it, she stopped for a moment, because she didn't think there would be enough money which would be paid to her client by my client. I told her I could attach the payment schedule to the order. She seemed to think that would work, and it looked as if we were going to be able to resolve everything without problems.

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