Dream of: 29 March 1992 (2) "Mistaken For A Criminal"

As I was getting off a train on which I had been traveling, I was mistaken for a criminal and arrested. I managed to escape and I encountered a policeman who gave me a gun. He and I then began crawling under some bushes, trying to climb a hill where the two or three men who were the real criminals were. Other policemen, mostly women, were also trying to climb the hill, but weren't under the bushes where we were. When we finally could go no farther and had to turn around, I encountered a woman named Nancy, who was an investigative reporter. I told her how I had been mistaken for a criminal, and that I was now trying to get near the real criminals. I told her how my gun had been taken away, and how the policeman had then given me a gun, which was in my pocket. I said, "There's about five or six who have been accused of being criminals, but there's only two or three who actually are."

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