Dream of: 29 March 1992 "The Constellation Odessa"

Several other people were climbing the stairs of a building. Through some windows I could see the white specks of stars in the dark sky. Someone mentioned that we could see the constellation Odessa from where we were. I put on my glasses so I could see better, and identified a group of five stars in a circle as the constellation. The night sky was brilliant and I wanted to look at it more. I noticed some rays of light, apparently from the sun which was about to rise.

I thought when we reached the top of the building, which was about ten stories high, I would be able to see better. When we did reach a room on the top floor, I saw five or six large windows covered with blinds in the room. When I turned one of the rods to open the blind on one window, it didn't function. A woman said she didn't want me to open it. Upon walking to another window, I realized the windows were actually large sliding doors, and I was able to slide one open. I walked outside onto a patio and looked out at the sky.

It was dangerous on the patio because there was no wall along the edges. After the others had followed me out, I sat down and slid near the edge. A girl probably in her teens walked close to me near the edge several times. She said she didn't want to look over the edge below. I however scooted closer to the edge and looked down. It was very far to the ground to the below; I moved back from the edge. Just as I did so, to my shock, I saw two of the people with me walk close to the edge, slip and fall off. Almost immediately the girl who hadn't wanted to look down came to see what had happened, and she likewise fell off the edge. She was followed by yet a fourth person who fell.

I wanted to look back over the edge and see what had happened, but I didn't want to go back to the edge. I cautiously scooted back toward the window, thinking I would go back down the stairs to the street to look at the bodies.

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