Dream of: 28 March 1992 (3) "Cheap Cigar"

My father and I were in a bingo hall. Various tables had been set up in the room, and it appeared that two people were sitting at each table. My father was seated at my right. It had been his idea to come there, because he wanted to play bingo. As the bingo game progressed and the numbers were called, I placed the marks on the numbers on my cards. Finally someone hollered "Bingo," signaling that they had won, and that we therefore had lost. But there were still more games to come.

I didn't much like being there. I had only come because my father had wanted to.

My father was smoking a cigar, which he complained about because the cigar was burning too rapidly. I told him the cigar was burning too quickly because he had bought a cheap cigar. I told him he should buy a more expensive cigar, such as a Cuban cigar. I took the cigar from him and took a hit from it. My throat immediately hurt. I knew my father had asthma, and I thought it was incredible that he smoked cigars while he had asthma. I was certain that cigars were a part of the cause of his asthma. I wanted to tell him this, but I could see that he was already angry because I had told him that he should buy more expensive cigars.

Then, as if to show me that his cigar wasn't functioning correctly, he took the cigar and put it out in his hand. I didn't understand exactly what he was trying to say, but it was clear that putting the cigar out in his hand had caused him pain. I looked at his hand and could see that the cigar was completely extinguished.

Still, it was clear that he was now angry with me, and he moved to another table in front of me. I sat alone, looking around. I thought there were probably many people who brought their children there with them, and that probably many children were outside waiting in the halls.

I myself was ready to leave. I now was only waiting for my father.

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