Dream of: 28 March 1992 (2) "Not The Right Answer"

I was sitting on the porch of the Gay Street House. A girl (around 15 years old) walked up and began talking with me. I had the feeling, since she had never seen me here before, she wanted to know if I had ever been here before. I told her my father had lived in the House for 20 years.

The girl kept getting closer to me until we were finally embracing.

I knew Carolina was inside the House, doing something. I didn't think that she was watching us. I was enjoying myself. But gradually I realized the girl thought she and I had some kind of relationship together. But I knew there was some kind of law which would cause me problems if I were to have a relationship with another girl. I explained this to the girl, and told her there was a problem because I was already married. But it appeared that the girl already knew I was married, and she informed me that the law wouldn't be able to be enforced against me.

I finally extricated myself from the girl, and I went inside the House, where I found Carolina cooking something. She had cooked something sweet which I wanted to try. But first Carolina inquired, "Well, what did law student say to you?"

I responded, "I can't go into it."

She said, "That's not the right answer."

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