Dream of: 27 March 1992 "Chance Of Escape"

A woman and I were locked in a gigantic outdoor area completely surrounded by a wall, trying to escape from someone. The people chasing us were right behind us. We began climbing down some steep rocks, down and down. Finally we came to a small stream at the bottom. It looked as if the stream ran under the wall which surrounded the place. We began splashing through the stream until I realized we were outside the wall. I realized we now had a chance of escaping.

I knew that the stream came down the side of the hill, and that if we would follow it up over the hill, we could escape. I knew it would be difficult to follow the stream, but it could be done. There was a road which we could follow and it would be easier. But I thought we needed to follow the stream. I told the woman what I thought and she agreed with me. I thought we were finally going to escape from the people who were following us.

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