Dream of: 26 March 1992 "Moving To Singapore"

I had decided to move into the house of Linda Herrring, a woman who lived near my lawyer friend, Jon. Jon and I went to the house. He wasn't going to move in with me, but I was glad he was with me. The place where she lived wasn't actually a house, but a small mobile home. I didn't actually have permission from her to move in, but I had decided I would simply move in and surprise her.

Jon and I entered the mobile home and I began looking around. All kinds of small things like cheap little statues were sitting around the place. The things reminded me of the kind of things my grandmother Mabel might have. However I knew all the things had importance to her. Some were probably presents, just as I had at time given presents to my grandmother.

Jon said something about the piano, and I realized a large piano about two meters tall was in the room. However the piano was less than a meter wide. It looked like a bureau, constructed of light-colored wood. It was old and pretty. Some drawers had to be opened to get the keys of the piano to come out. I opened up the drawers to see the keys. I could tell that it was a wind piano. I touched the keys and some pleasant sound came out of the piano. The keys looked somewhat like typewriter keys and were the size of typewriter keys.

I saw another piece of decent furniture, although most of the furniture wasn't that great. There were actually only two rooms in the mobile home. There were couches in each room. I thought she would sleep on one couch, while I would sleep on the other couch. The couches were really not long enough for me, but I thought I would simply have to make do.


I was in the same place, but now it was a house. My mother was also here. I had realized that Linda Herring didn't want me to stay here, and that I had already decided to leave. However, my mother had talked it over with Linda, and my mother told me that Linda had decided to let me stay. The house now had more that two rooms, and they had cleaned out a small room where I would be able to stay. However I told my mother that I wasn't going to stay, that I had had it, and that I was leaving.

I was going to leave permanently. I was somewhat bothered by the fact that I was leaving permanently because I knew there was someone, perhaps my wife, Carolina, whom I was leaving behind, and that hurt me. I grimaced at the thought, but then I accepted it and decided I was going to have to leave.

I was going to Singapore where I thought I might become a businessman. I had four thousand dollars which should last me for quite a while. I had a box here which I should give to my mother. It contained papers which I still needed to do my income taxes. The box contained a number of vanilla envelopes filled with papers. I gave the box to my mother.

I was standing in front of a mirror in a room by myself and I looked at myself. I was wearing a beige jacket and some beige shorts. When I looked again in the mirror and I saw that I was wearing a plaid dress, similar to one which Carolina had. I looked like a woman instead of a man. However, I had also looked good as a man. Looking at myself, whether I was a man or a woman, I thought I would do quite well in Singapore. I was sure that was what I wanted to do and I was ready to go.

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