Dream of: 08 March 1992 "Buying Land"

My brother Chris and I were in a car. Although I was supposed to be driving the car, I was asleep behind the wheel, and Chris was somehow steering. Since the car was moving under its own power, Chris only had to steer. However, I suddenly woke up and realized we had reached a complicated area where it was necessary for me to use the accelerator, and I took over the driving.

We reached a hilly area near Portsmouth where some development had been taking place. One old building was there which was three or four stories tall. But there was only one room on each story. It was all made of wood, and reminded me of a pagoda. It looked as if it might have originally been used for storing grain, but it also looked as if it could be lived in. Some other barns were standing near it.

Nearby rose a hill with a very steep, almost vertical side. Shrubs and trees were growing on part of the hillside, but part was covered with mowed grass. I was amazed that someone had been able to cut the grass there. If I lived there I certainly wouldn't mow the lawn.

As I was looking over the building, my father (only about 40 years old) showed up. He was friendly and we began talking. He told me this land could be bought for $368 an acre. There were three acres there, and that would include the building which was on it. I wanted to immediately go and buy the land. I told my father to go and buy the land for me, and he left.

I walked over to the building and stepped inside. Although the building was in bad shape, I thought it could be repaired; it was clearly worth much more than what was being asked for it. I wanted to climb the stairs all the way to the top, but it looked as if the stairs were broken. I did see a rope which was hanging down, and I thought it looked as if some children might have put the rope there. But it looked too flimsy for me to try to climb on.

The building looked more like a barn than a house inside.

I looked out a window and saw a splendid view in the distance. It looked as if the sun were setting and the sky was bright red around the sun. I could see hills and valleys and mountains. On the other side of the road were some old dilapidated barns which looked as if they needed to be torn down.

All in all, it seemed fabulous there. If I could obtain the land, it was so beautiful, I would probably move back there and live there.

I walked back outside and began walking away from the building. After I had walked quite a ways, I looked back at the building and saw that my father had showed up again and had parked his brown Rabbit Volkswagen close to the building. As I started walking back toward the building, another car pulled up; I thought that was probably the person who owned the building. I thought the person might wonder what I was doing there. But when I finally reached my father, he told me he had already bought the land. I was ecstatic to think that this was going to be my land. The person in the other car had also pulled up; it was a man who indeed was the former owner. He seemed happy and glad he had sold the land. He stayed for a few minutes and then left.

As my father and I looked over the land, my mother (also only about 40 years old) showed up. As we stood there, I noticed some traffic pass by on the road. One vehicle looked as if it were pulling on a trailer two large statues of Indians, almost twice life size. I pointed them out to my mother. Behind the vehicle was traveling an army tank. I thought the statues were being taken to an army base.

One the other side of the road stood another very large statue of a man on a horse. A number of pine trees were growing near the statue; I thought there must be some kind of park there. I could see still yet another statue a ways from the man on the horse statue. The idea of a park right across the road added to the beauty of the whole area.

I talked to my mother about the value of the land and said, "The land is probably even without the house worth $5,000 an acre for building."

I thought I might just fix this place up, sell it and then buy another one. I might just go from place to place, buying and selling houses. My father seemed to think that was a good idea, and that it was possible to get good buys on houses if they were bought from individuals. My mother seemed to disagree with my father at first, but then she realized that my father was talking about old dilapidated houses and that what he was saying was probably true.

I wanted my mother to walk across the road with me, but she was too tired and she didn't think she could do that. So my father and I walked across the road. When we looked back, I could now see that on the other hills around the land he had bought were many modern houses. My father looked at them and mentioned that many doctors lived in the houses. They were very expensive houses. My father thought this was a good area and that the land would go up in value.

I asked him if he had the deed to the land. When I looked it over, I was shocked to see that he had paid over $3,000 an acre, or over $9,000 for the three acres. However, I didn't complain or say anything about the high price. I thought I would just have to pay the money and eat the difference.

My father and I walked back across the road and entered the building. When we walked inside, I noticed some old furniture in the house. I noticed an old bureau (similar to the one which used to be in the House in Patriot, only much more intricate). The bureau had a glass section where things could be set and displayed. It had been sitting out for a while and was in bad shape, but I thought it was an antique and could probably be fixed up. I might work on it and try to repair it.

Looking over the place again, I realized I was going to have to do a lot of work to fix it up. But I thought it could be a fabulous place if I were able to repair it.

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