Dream of: 05 March 1992 "Approaching Funnel Cloud"

I was in a house which reminded me of the Gay Street House. I had climbed onto the top of the house, from where I could see tall buildings surrounding the house. In the distance I could see a tall slender brown funnel cloud, full of sand and dust. I could see large pieces of metal which the cloud had picked up and which were blowing around inside of it.

My father came up onto the roof, and he also saw the funnel cloud. We both quickly decided we were going to have to quickly seek shelter. I quickly descended to the street, where I saw numerous people out on the street. I saw a couple children, and I thought I should try to direct them to the basement, the door of which was open, where hopefully they would be safe. However, from where I now was, down on the ground, we could not see the funnel cloud, and people were not aware just how close the cloud was. Nevertheless, some people were already starting to head down the stairs of the basement. I knew I also should quickly descend to the basement, because the funnel cloud was going to hit in a matter of seconds.

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