Dream of: 01 March 1992 "The Insulation Business"

I was driving a car in Portsmouth toward the west side. Another man (who was working for me) and Carolina were also in the car. I was going to give the man $20,000 to use on some kind of project on which I was working. I was talking about going to the bank to draw out the money, but I was having second thoughts about it. Finally, since he wouldn't need the money for two more weeks, I decided I would wait two weeks before I gave the money to him.

When I finally reached the west side, I stopped the car and we all walked into a small building. The building had posters on it for Collier Insulation. I also noticed some coupons for a special deal on the insulation, and a clear, plastic box in which people had been putting the coupons. Quite a bit of money and checks were in the box. I realized someone could simply reach into the box and take some of the money. I decided we needed to get the money out of the box and take it to my father. If we didn't, someone could steal it. Although people were coming in and out of the building, I began taking the money out of the box. I also found a small, pink, cloth, woman's billfold in the box, and I took it out. It looked as if someone had found the lost billfold and put it in the box. I took all the money out and stacked it up. I was afraid someone would think I was stealing the money, but no one said anything. I looked in the billfold and counted the money in it. There were several tens and ones, over a hundred dollars. I thought I would also give the billfold to my father and he could return it to whomever had lost it. I knew he could keep it if he wanted to, but I didn't think he would do that.

As we were taking out the money, a woman walked in and I introduced myself to her, telling her I was Leroy Collier's son. I told her I used to install insulation but that I no longer did that. She asked me if I had stopped installing insulation because it had become too cheap. I told her that wasn't the reason, but that I had stopped because I had gone to school. I told her I was now a lawyer. She didn't say much, and finally, as she turned to leave, she said, "Good-bye, Mr. Adams."

I couldn't understand why she had called me that name. I wondered to myself if I had mistakenly told her my name was Adams.

I began talking with Carolina and the fellow with me. I told them that every year I had thought the insulation business was going to slow down, but every year more people kept buying insulation. I thought to myself that the insulation had been improved every year. So some people who were buying insulation now were actually getting a better deal than the first people who had bought insulation. I remembered how nice it was to have a house insulated, and some of the advantages such as the reduction in outside sound.

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