Dream of: 27 February 1992 "Pawned Typewriter"

I was in a house in which I was living in Portsmouth. Hearing someone at the door, I went to answer it and found a scrungy looking fellow (probably in his late 30s) standing there. He handed me a typewriter and asked me if I knew anything about it. Although I was perturbed that he would come to my door and ask me something like that, I began looking at the typewriter. It was quite large and intricate.

I sat down and looked at it more closely. Part of the front was made of a nice, brown wood. I could also see some gears and pulleys inside of it.

The man sat down and began typing on it. When he typed, it was as if he were playing a musical instrument. I was amazed when beautiful music began pouring out of it. It was astonishing that such exquisite music could come out of such an old machine.

When the man stood up, I looked more closely at the typewriter. I also tried to play it, but I couldn't get any music to come out.

Finally I realized this typewriter used to belong to someone whom I knew. I thought it had probably belonged to my father. Apparently my father, in need of money, had pawned the typewriter. I also finally realized the man had brought the typewriter to me to give to me as a gift. I felt rather ashamed that I had acted so rudely to the man.

I thought my father had a desk in the next room. Maybe I could clean up the typewriter and set it on my father's desk so he would find it there. But I thought since my father had pawned the typewriter to begin with, he might not appreciate my putting it on his desk. I was uncertain just what I would do with the typewriter.

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