Dream of: 21 February 1992 "Attack on New York City"

I had gone to New York City where I was visiting Steve Weinstein. He and I left to visit someone else. It appeared New York City was about to be attacked by another country. Once Steve and I had reached the other place, I left by myself, boarded a small car and began driving down a wide boulevard with no one else on it. I could see the Statue of Liberty ahead of me out in the bay. I was beginning to get the feel of the New York streets and was figuring out where everything was. I could visualize in my mind how the island appeared where the Statue of Liberty was located. I could see one section of the city which was going to be used as an amusement park and I could see some roller coasters there. I might go there. But it looked as if it were closed. The streets were practically deserted because everyone was waiting for the attack. However, some traffic was still on the streets.

On the eastern side of the city was a string of low hills. I was heading in that direction and would have to pass over the hills. I saw a zigzag road which led over the hills; but I took another road which I thought ran in a straighter line along the side of the hills. I thought when I returned to where Weinstein was I would ask him the name of the hills.

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