Dream of: 19 February 1992 (2) "Mexican Imports"

I was standing on the United States side of a border crossing with Mexico. I was thinking I was soon going to be moving to Mexico. I thought I might work in Mexico, perhaps in the import business, or perhaps in the legal field. I thought of all the different kinds of legal questions which might arise. For example, probate. What would happen if a Mexican died while he was living in the United States? What would happen to his estate? And there were always questions of divorce. Even my experience with bankruptcy law might prove useful. Obviously there were many areas of the law which could be explored.

Or I might open a small business importing goods into the United States. I would probably need to buy a truck. In fact I saw a truck sitting near me and I walked over to it, stood on its sideboard and shook it, imagining it was mine.

I also thought about how easy it would be to import drugs, especially cocaine. I started thinking of some of the ways drugs could be imported. For example, grapes could be filled up with cocaine in Mexico and then the cocaine could be extracted in the United States. Or if other items were being imported, just one item might be filled full of cocaine. Even a couple pounds of cocaine would be profitable. I also considered the consequences of importing cocaine. The cocaine would finally be smoked as crack by blacks in the ghettos. Involvement in that kind of enterprise didn't appeal to me. Still I didn't think a person should feel guilty about doing it.

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