Dream of: 19 February 1992 "Obvious Liar"

I was in the front seat of a car which Carolina was driving. She pulled up on the shore of the sea. The car being pointed somewhat downhill, I hoped she put on the emergency brake. I looked out over the water, noticing how turbulent it was, becoming somewhat mesmerized by the waves.

As we sat here, a man walked up whom I recognized as a creditor in one of my bankruptcy cases. My client, a woman, had recently told me that this creditor, who had a lien on her car, had recently been calling and harassing her. I happened to have with me some papers in her case, and the papers showed that this creditor had already started receiving payments through the bankruptcy courts for the car. I asked the man about it, and he acted as if he didn't know anything about the bankruptcy. If he did know about the bankruptcy, he would obviously be in contempt of court for contacting my client. But he insisted he didn't know about the bankruptcy. I pointed out that I had an address for him and I wanted to verify with him that I had the correct address. I also noticed that he had already received over $200 for a car which was only worth a little over $1,000.

Finally he slipped and said something about the papers which he had received. That gave it away that he had received papers from the court and that he did indeed know about the bankruptcy. I told Carolina to pull away, that I didn't want to talk with this fellow anymore. Obviously he was a liar.

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