Dream of: 08 February 1992 "Rhinoceros"

I was walking through the large park in the middle of Gallipolis, and finally reached a cement platform in the middle of the park. Stepping up on it, I was surprised to see on the other side of it a group of furry animals lying on the ground. It looked like a mother with perhaps 15-20 offsprings. They were about the size of deer, but had long, soft-looking white hairs, perhaps like llamas. Other people were on the platform also looking at the beautiful, interesting animals. Perhaps I had approached too close, for the mother slowly stood and began walking away. Soon all the others stood and followed her. After reaching a safe distance, they all began running.

I saw some other similar groups of different animals scattered in other parts of the park. Those groups also began running and soon animals of all sorts were running around the perimeter of the park. I was intrigued by the entire event and focused in on one animal in particular, which I decided was an oryx. It was larger than the other animals, was black and white and had two prong horns. I was surprised the animals were allowed to run loose around the park. Walking around a bit more, I also noticed a group of three large snakes all coiled up together with their hissing heads sticking up in the air.

I was soon interrupted when I noticed that a large animal which appeared to be a rhinoceros had walked up onto the platform and was rapidly approaching me. Before I could act, the animal had me pinned to a wall. It didn't have a regular rhinoceros horn on its head, but instead a flat horn something like a shovel head shark, which it used to hold me in place. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know how dangerous the animal was. But obviously it could hurt me if it wanted to. As I anxiously stood here, a large hippopotamus walked by.

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