Dream of: 07 February 1992 "Hawaii"

I had moved to Mexico and had quickly found a place to live with two gay men. I shared a room with one and I moved my own bed into the room. They were apparently quite wealthy and had numerous valuables in the habitation.

I thought about calling my mother and my father and letting them know where I was. I hadn't talked to them in a while and could give them my new phone number. But I was unsure I wanted to.

One day I was alone when another man came to visit. He was also wealthy; I felt rather poor having him see the few possessions which I had. But he seemed unconcerned about that. He sat down at a table and looked around the room, which was rather messy, although neater than when I had first arrived.

The man was involved in a law suit against the two men with whom I was living; I had seen the legal papers which described all the personal property they had. The man would probably like to have that information and I thought about giving it to him, but finally decided that would be unethical.


I had gone out and was walking a narrow little street, more like a hallway, A door began to open on my left, and I knew a woman who looked just like Eloise LaGrone lived there. I thought the woman would think it strange to see me outside her door and when the door didn't fully open, I hastened along.

I was day dreaming about going to Hawaii. I began visualizing what it would be like to be there and soon found myself riding a motor boat with several other people along a beach where people were swimming. I stuck my hand into the blue water over which we were cruising.

On shore was a series of two-story frame houses which had the bottom floors converted into shops. I saw two ice cream shops next to each other and I thought the competition must be fierce between them. Then we passed a couple dress shops. One dress in the window was priced at $19. I thought the people who owned the shops lived upstairs; no one could live downstairs around here because the property was too valuable.

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