Dream of: 03 February 1992 "Denette O'Nereal"

I was on Grandview Avenue, a couple blocks north of the Grandview Avenue House. I was outside in front of a house, lying on a large bed with several other people, including Roger Anderson. We were all high school students. After talking for a while, the others got up and left. As I also got off the bed, I saw two black billfolds lying on the bed. Just as I picked them up, the other people returned, and Roger said one of the billfolds was his. I gave both of them to him. He kept the one which was his, and then we both began looking through the other one to see if we could find who it belonged to. It contained quite a bit of money. As several people crowded around me looking, I finally found a driver's licenses which said "Robert Hex."

I didn't know who that was, but a girl standing right in front of me said she knew him. I looked at her and asked her if she was a high school student and she said she was. I knew I was a senior and I figured she was a junior. She was black although she had white features. She was slim and was wearing a red dress. I asked her name. She said it was Denette. I asked her last name and after she told me I tried to pronounce it. It sounded like "Onereal," but I thought it was spelled "O'Nereal." She told me I didn't pronounce it right and I tried again, saying that it must be with an "O apostrophe."

I asked her if she could give the billfold to the fellow it belonged to and she said she could. She and I began walking south on Grandview together. It was early Monday morning and she was headed to school. I however wasn't planning to go to school today, and when we reached the corner, she turned off to the right and I went straight. I could tell she wasn't interested in me, but I wasn't offended. The clothes I was wearing weren't particularly attractive. All I had on was a light-gray shirt and a dark-gray pants which actually looked like pajamas. They were very drab and although I didn't realize it at the time, were identical to the prison clothes I had worn in Iran.

I continued down the street toward the Grandview Avenue House. The school year had just begun, but I wasn't interested in school. I just wanted to pass. I had passed the previous year even though I had missed days, and I thought I could do it again this year. What I did want to do was get my body in better shape. I wanted to firm up my stomach and lose some weight. It was already hot and I was beginning to perspire. I liked the heat and I was glad to be back in Portsmouth. I thought I might go running this morning.

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