Dream of: 01 February 1992 "Bankruptcy Class"

I walked into a classroom at Baylor Law School and was surprised to see Mr. Schroeder (a Dallas attorney) teaching a class on bankruptcy law. I recalled that he had himself recently been a student in law school and that he had done quite well in the bankruptcy class. I thought my knowing him would help me in his class.

I was thinking about doing a special project on some aspect of bankruptcy law. I thought I would focus on contracts, and how bankruptcy affected contracts. I might even become an expert in determining the effect which bankruptcy had on existing contracts. Focusing more, I thought I would concentrate on the effect on contracts which corporations had with unions when the corporation filed bankruptcy.

I knew of a company which had recently filed bankruptcy, and I decided to go and visit the company. I boarded a car and took off. I had to drive down several different roads until I reached the gates of the corporation. Union workers were standing everywhere. They were on strike. They were carrying sticks, clubs and pitchforks, and different groups were dancing about frenetically. A sign on the gate said "No Entrance," but I drove through anyway. I was concerned because the workers acted as if they were going to attack me. But they didn't bother me.

Once inside, I parked my car, got out, and walked around. Still concerned, I approached a man and asked him a few questions. He wasn't friendly; but I did discover the place was a quarry and the corporation was mining rocks. All around me were small white rocks which almost looked like sand on the beach. The quarry was still in operation on the other side of another large chain-wire fence. Some men appeared to still be working. But I also noticed the men on one side of the fence were throwing rocks at the men on the other side. I was even almost hit by rocks a couple times and I backed away. Clearly the men on my side of the fence were striking and had started a rock fight with the men on the other side to try to stop them from working.

Finally I ran into Maria Jones (a Dallas attorney), who said she had been trying to reach me about something important. I told her I had come here to work on my project. She said someone at her office had been trying to get hold of me but couldn't get a response. She pulled out a piece of paper which had notes concerning some different cases about which she had been trying to reach me. We sat down at a table and began going over the notes to see if I could resolve her problems.

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