Dream of: 30 January 1992 "Mace"

A fellow who reminded me of Phil Lane, a second fellow and I had started walking across country. We walked for quite a long time along a paved road, and I began thinking it would be nice if we could find some marijuana to smoke. I knew Lane no longer smoked pot; but if I smoked some and he smelled it, he would probably be enticed to try it again.

I gradually began to realize we were lost. We had just passed a store where I thought we might have be able to get a map; then I saw another country store on our right up ahead. However, before we could reach the store, a car with two men pulled up next to us. When the two men climbed out of the car, I could see that they were clearly rednecks and were going to cause trouble.

I reached into my right pocket and pulled out a small vial of mace, about the size of a vial of breath spray. I stepped up to both men and sprayed them in the face. They both fell down on the ground. I began kicking them until they were both unconscious. I looked around for my two companions and realized they had both run off. I couldn't see them anywhere.

I was uncertain what to do. Perhaps I could put the two bodies in the trunk, steal the car and leave. However I still didn't see Phil anywhere; I was concerned about what had happened to him.

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