Dream of: 29 January 1992 "Injured Whale"

I was standing in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My step-grandfather Clarence was also in the room. I looked down toward Symmes Creek where I could see the back of a long, black whale in the creek. It also appeared that a rope was on the back of the whale. I also thought I saw some blood. It looked as if the whale had been injured, perhaps from a harpoon.

I told Clarence I was going to run down to the creek to see if I might somehow be able to help the whale. I ran down near the mail box, pushed back a piece of the fence and went through it. Once I was through the fence, I looked at the rocks below me (between me and the creek) and I thought I saw some movement in the rocks. Looking closer, I thought I could see some bird nests in the rocks. Moving closer I was able to see a distinct bird nest. I also noticed snow on the ground, and thought it strange that birds would be in a nest while snow was on the ground.

Suddenly a black-tinted bird flew up and sat down on the babies in the nest. I paused for a moment more, then headed on to the creek. The whale in the meantime had swum farther up the creek, and I followed after it. When I reached the spot where the whale was, I stepped so close to the edge of the bank that I began slipping over the side. The bank was about three meters, and as I slipped down its face, I grabbed on to some grass and was able to stop my fall. But now I was just hanging precariously above the icy cold water, looking down and thinking how freezing it would be if I fell in. I tried unsuccessfully to pull myself back up. I hollered for help, but no one could hear me. It was a frightening situation.

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