Dream of: 27 January 1992 "Unfriendly Demeanor"

I was in a room where bankruptcy creditors' meetings were being held. Louise was sitting at a small student desk at one end of the room, doing some paperwork. I hadn't talked with her in quite a while, although she and I had gone on a date in the not too distant past. When I walked past her, she didn't look up. I turned around and walked back to her. I knelt down in front of her and asked her if she could talk to me. She looked up at me coldly. I asked her if she would go out with me that evening. She was quite standoffish, although she did finally speak, only to tell me that she wouldn't go out with me.

I continued talking, hoping to change her mind. I was glad to at least be talking to her, and I wished we could at least be friendly toward each other. She tolerated my presence, continuing to maintain an unfriendly demeanor. Nevertheless I sensed that she was glad that I had approached her and begun talking with her. It had been such a long time since we had spoken to each other, it was nice to just talk with her again.

She began talking more, and said something about her business. She mentioned $1,000, but I was unsure to what she was referring. It sounded as if she were tying to make $1,000 a day in her business. I thought about telling her about my business, but decided it was best not to say anything. I figured I was probably doing about half as much business as she and Vernon were doing.

I was concerned that Vernon might show up while I was talking with Louise. When a fellow walked up and spoke to her, I thought he was Vernon, but then realized he was someone else. He only stopped for a moment and then walked on. I knew several people in the room could see us talking. I thought they would think it strange, because she and I never talked to each other in public.

As Louise talked to me, she was disdainful. She told me I should take a look at myself in the mirror to see how I looked. I realized I was only wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white tee shirt. My hair was long and scraggly. I told her I was dressed like this because these were the same clothes I had been wearing the last time I had seen her. However, I did feel rather scraggly.

Obviously she was not going to go out with me. I said good-bye and walked away. But I reflected to myself that she probably really did want to go out with me. She would probably wait a few days and then say something to me. Then we would go out.

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