Dream of: 26 January 1992 "Working On Art"

I was typing a dream on a small portable computer. I had set up the computer on the back of an antique car from the 1950s which was still in excellent condition. I had put a white cloth over the top of the trunk, and had set my computer on the cloth. Now I was typing up my dream.

I was in a nice neighborhood which seemed to be in England, but which seemed more like Canada. I was planning to move into an upstairs apartment of a large two-story frame house in the neighborhood. I could see the house across the street from where I was. Since I wasn't yet able to enter the house, I had set my computer up outside and had begun typing my dream.

While immersed in my typing, I noticed an attractive blonde-haired woman (in her late 20s) had walked out of the house in front of which I was sitting. She spoke to me, but with such a heavy accent, I at first couldn't understand what she was saying. Finally I realized she was telling me to leave. Since I wasn't bothering anyone, I couldn't quite believe I had heard her correctly, and I asked her to repeat what she had said. When she repeated that she wanted me to leave, I asked her if she was the lady of the house. She said, "No."

Since the woman was dressed all in white, I suspected she was merely a maid. I requested that she ask the lady of the house to come out. I could hardly believe someone would ask me to leave simply because I was typing. When a woman and man next walked out of the house, I could immediately tell they wanted me to leave. I rather insultingly said to them, "Some people don't like art. They think they do, but they really don't."

I was trying to point out that I was an artist working on my art, and that these people were mere fakes who knew nothing about art. I added, "That's too bad, especially since ...," but then I stopped. I had been going to say, .".. especially since I'm going to be moving in across the street." But I suddenly realized I wasn't yet positive I actually would be moving in across the street. I hadn't actually firmed up the deal yet. I thought it would be better not to mention that fact now. If I did move in, these people would see me around the neighborhood later.

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