Dream of: 25 January 1992 "Open Road"

While I was riding in a car which my father was driving, I was using a mobile phone to try to pick up my messages on my answering service. When I reached my answering service I discovered I had about 30 messages waiting for me. After retrieving some messages, I called a man who told me he had foreclosed on a house. I told him that I had filed bankruptcy for the owners of the house and that the foreclosure should have therefore been stopped. But apparently he had foreclosed on the house at 4 p.m., and then had resold the house at 6 p.m. I told him that since I had filed the bankruptcy, he would need to execute a quit claim deed which would convey the house back to my clients. But when I asked him if he would do that, he said he wouldn't. I became angry and said that in that case I would have to take him to court. I hung up the phone.

The wife of the couple who had owned the house and for whom I had filed bankruptcy then called me on the mobile phone. I told her I couldn't talk with her right now because I was talking with the other man, and I hung up.

I began talking to my father, telling him what had just happened. But I noticed I was beginning to have a difficult time talking because I had been drinking some alcohol. I had a fifth of brandy in a brown paper sack in the car with me, and I had already drunk more than half of it. My father was drinking some beer. I told him how potent the brandy was and how sweet it was, and I asked him if he wanted any. But he didn't want any. As I commented about how much more potent than beer the brandy was, I poured some more for myself into my cup and continued drinking. I was relaxed because I thought my father was doing a good job driving.

However I was concerned about all the phone messages which were waiting for me, because I knew a lot had happened since I had been gone. I again called my answering service to pick up my messages. This time I tried to write down the messages on one of the pages of a small catalog which was lying in the car.

As we drove along we passed a mall which had a movie theater in it. I could see the posters for the movies, and one said something about the "Open Road." My father was trying to see the poster more clearly, but when he couldn't, he just drove on.

I meanwhile was listening to my messages and writing them down. As I did so, I realized I was no longer sitting in the car. Instead, I was sitting outside on a porch. When it suddenly started raining, I began gathering my things together to take them into the house. Just as I started into the house, I heard a phone ring inside. The ringing startled me, and made me recall I had stolen a bunch of things which were lying around.

I now recalled that a young fellow and I had stolen some things together, and that we then had stopped at this house and broken into it so we could steal that rest. The young fellow was now sleeping inside the house. I ran over to him and began shaking him, trying to wake him up. It was now about 2 a.m., and it was clear to me someone must have seen the lights that we had turned on if they were calling at this time in the morning. That would mean the police would probably soon be coming. And we had a lot of things here which we had stolen. I tried to gather up everything, most concerned it could all be used as evidence against me. I thought to myself that if we could just get in the car, even if we couldn't outrun the police in a chase, we could probably throw a lot of the stuff out. I knew evasion of the police was just a misdemeanor. Whereas we had committed felonies by stealing all the things we had. Still trying to wake up the other person and I said, "The phone is ringing at 2 o'clock in the morning. That means that somebody knows that we're fucking here. Let's go."

But I couldn't seem to get the fellow to wake up, and I was just about to panic.

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