Dream of: 22 January 1992 "Greasy Engine"

My wife Carolina and I had taken a new car on a trip. I pulled into a parking lot and parked. After we stepped out, I looked at the car and saw that I was very close to the neighboring car, which was owned by someone I knew. My car was practically touching the other car. So I pulled my car up a little so it wasn't as close to the other car. I opened up the door of my car to make sure there was enough room for the door to open, and I saw that there was. I also noticed that the other car was blocking a third car which was parked in front of the other car. The third car wouldn't be able to get out – but that wasn't really my concern.

I walked around to the front of my car, which had an exposed engine. Although the engine was brand new, parts were greasy. So I took some white paint and began painting the greasy parts.

When I had finished painting, Carolina and I walked away, heading for a nearby beach. We walked for quite a while, until we finally decided to take a bus back to the hotel where we were staying. We caught a bus and sat down. I picked up a magazine and when I opened it up, I saw a picture of a woman advertising for a bank. She was wearing a headset such as a telephone operator might wear. She was quite beautiful. Looking at the picture, I realized the woman had been a classmate in high school: Cheryl. I thought she must have stayed in Portsmouth, Ohio and gone to work for a bank, and now she was doing some modeling.

I also noticed on the bus five women with whom I had gone to high school. I didn't remember the names of any, but they were all facing us and we began talking. I introduced Carolina, who was sitting on my lap. Since I couldn't remember any of their names, I asked them to introduce themselves, which they did. The two women on the ends where quite attractive, while the ones in the middle were rather plain looking.

I asked them if they were married, and none were. I asked what they were going to be doing tonight, and they were unsure. It slowly became clearer to me that we were all going to be going to a class reunion. I knew that another fellow had come with Carolina and me, and I mentioned to the women that one of them might want to go out with him. But I couldn't remember his name. I thought it might be "Engleston." One woman asked me if it was Engleston about whom I was talking. Apparently Engleston had been a very intelligent person. One of the women indicated that she might want to go out with him. But then I remembered his name and I said, "No, it is Phil Waddell."

When they heard this, two of the girls said they would like to go out with him. Apparently they liked him. I thought I would see if I could find the fellow and arrange it.

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