Dream of: 21 January 1992 "Secret Agent"

I was watching a scene about a black-haired fellow (about 30 years old) who was a secret agent. It seemed as if the secret agent was actually me, although he didn't look like me. Apparently he was living in Beirut. He had a room in a large apartment building. Another fellow was living with him. There were two beds in the room. They had bought furniture to make it look as if they had had the things for years.

The secret agent had bought some small statues which looked like an American Indian woman sitting with her legs crossed. One day he came home and discovered the statues were gone. His roommate had put the statues somewhere and replaced them with new statues which he had bought. The new statues were of the same kind, of an American Indian woman sitting down, but they were a different color.

The secret agent began looking for his statues, but he couldn't find them.

The roles which they were tying to portray were supposed to have a western flavor, as if they were cowboys.

One day the secret agent walked out on his balcony. He had a shotgun which he started firing up into the air. Smoke poured out of the gun. This was part of the role he was playing. It was legal to shoot guns in Beirut that way.

The man on whom the secret agent was spying the target lived in the apartment right below the secret agent. The target was supposed to be a vicious type, so the secret agent had to be very careful. One day the secret agent was lying on the cement in the parking lot, right at the rear of the target's car. The target walked out and sat down beside the secret agent. Obviously the target wasn't happy with the secret agent's being there. I began thinking the target could inflict a lot of pain on the secret agent.

The target picked up a paper clip from the sidewalk and attached it to one of the shoe strings of the secret agent. Apparently this was meant to convey a message to the secret agent that he better watch out, or he could have the shoe string poked right through his skin. The secret agent stood and left.

On another day the target came to the door of the secret agent for a visit. The hair of the target was cut in a burr. The hair of the secret agent was also short, but still longer than that of the target. The target walked into the room and looked around. The secret agent played his role as the cowboy type who simply lived there and had a job down the street. The secret agent was careful to not in any way let the target know who he really was.

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