Dream of: 20 January 1992 (2) "The Rear Of The Church"

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My wife Carolina and I had been riding around the streets of Mexico City for quite a while as I searched for "May Street." I commented to Carolina that we had driven the streets so much that I knew the city like a taxi driver. Nevertheless, even though I knew the city so well, I made a wrong turn on a street, and headed the wrong way down a one way street. I noticed a parked police car with the officer standing outside his car, but he didn't see me and I quickly turned off on the next street. As I continued driving, I commented to Carolina about how many churches were in the city. It seemed as if the city had an extraordinary number of churches, most of which were large cathedrals.

Carolina and I ultimately found ourselves sitting next to each other in the back row of a church in Mexico City. The seating of the church was divided into two sections. One section contained the seats close to the front of the church and the other section - where Carolina and I were sitting - contained the seats in the rear of the church. It looked as if the people in the front part were regular members of the church, while the people sitting in the back were only visitors.

Everyone in both sections of the church seemed well-dressed, and I thought how most of them probably never came in contact with the poorer, down-trodden people in society. The people in this church only came out in the daytime, while poor people only came out at night. So the people in the church never really saw how the poor people lived.

In the section in which I was sitting was a woman who reminded me of Maria Jones (an  attorney whom I had met while doing bankruptcy work in Dallas). I knew the woman worked for the federal government, and I thought about her job, and how she was simply paid a salary for her work. Clearly she didn't make as much money as I, although I thought she handled some important business.

Finally, the people in the front section began standing up and going to different rooms. I thought they must be going to Sunday School, but then I realized it wasn't Sunday. As people from our rear section also started standing up, I was uncertain what Carolina and I should do. One other fellow near us was continuing to just sit in his seat. He probably was like us, and he didn't know what was going on either.

I noticed another woman who resembled Carla Tortelli (a character played by Rhea Perlman in the television series "Cheers") in the rear section with us. She was putting on her coat, apparently to leave. I thought I would also like to leave. After Carolina and I picked up our coats, we began walking, passed through the doors and descended the high steps to the sidewalk.

Once we were on the sidewalk, the woman who looked like Carla walked toward us. She was pushing a biycle. I realized that Carolina and I had met the woman once before at a restaurant, and I thought her name was Rebecca. She and I spoke to each other, and then she continued pushing her bicycle down the street. I quickly asked Carolina if she thought we should ask the woman to go out to eat with us. If the woman disappeared around the corner we would probably never see her again. Carolina said, "Yes."

I hollered out, "Rebecca! Rebecca!"

The woman turned around and walked back toward us. When she reached us, I asked her if she would like to go out and have supper with us some evening. She said, "Yes."

When she asked me for my business card, I told her I didn't have a business card because I didn't work anymore. I had quit work and had come to this city to live. I told her, however, that I would write down my phone number where I was staying.

We were standing in front of the small rooming house where Carolina and I were staying. I told Rebecca that we had just rented a room there for today while we went to church, but that we were not staying there, and that we had another place where we were living.

I pulled out a piece of paper to write down my address and phone number. I pulled out a second piece of paper to write down the address and phone number of Rebecca.

Dream Commentary of June 21, 2015 

The seating arrangement of this church reminds me of a certain division in the Dream Journal. The "regular members" on the Dream Journal are not simply the people who post the most dreams, but the people most spiritually inclined toward communicating with God. The people in the rear are less intent on blessed communications. Both of these groups of the Dream Journal, however, must be set in comparision with the unseen poor in spirit who may not record their dreams at all, nay, may not even remember their dreams.

Rich in spirit are those who record their dreams on the Dream Journal, some more than others.

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