Dream of: 17 January 1992 (3) "Injured Brother"

While driving a red car, I had an accident in which a brother of mine had been injured. His guts had been cut open and part of his insides were lying on the outside of his body. Some people began working on him and were able to stabilize him. I began gathering up the pieces of his insides, which looked like a machine. One piece of his insides looked like a pulley on a record turntable which I had. The rubber on the pulley fit around other parts on his insides. Another organ which had fallen out had a cylindrical shape. There was no blood, just the pieces which had fallen out in the accident. Once I had the pieces assembled, I tried to put them back in place inside the body.

After waiting almost all day, and seeing that my brother was still alive, I put some of the pieces in a garbage sack. Finally a doctor came. I showed the doctor the different pieces which I had four of them. The doctor looked at the pieces and organized them. The doctor was going to take the body (which looked like a piece of machinery rather than a body) to a hospital to see if he could put the body back together.

I was concerned about how much it would cost to put my brother back together. I was willing to pay anything. But I knew I only had about $100,000, and I was afraid that wouldn't be enough. But I wanted the doctor to know that I would pay everything I had so he wouldn't be concerned about not being paid.

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