Dream of: 17 January 1992 (2) "New Secretary"

I was in my law office. Carolina was in the next room. I had hired a beautiful woman (about 20 years old) to work for me as my secretary. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She resembled Jennifer Eckstein (my legal assistant), only she was more mature than Jennifer. I was very attracted to the woman. As the woman and I talked and laughed, she put one of her hands on my arm and left it there. I immediately understood that she was willing to engage in some kind of physical contact with me. I knew I had never tried anything with Jennifer when she had worked for me, but I immediately decided I was definitely going to get involved with this woman, even though I was married.

However I was concerned that if I became involved with the woman, Carolina would find out. I thought Carolina would probably divorce me if she learned about it. Carolina would then get half of all my money, and then this woman might even sue me for sexual harassment and take the rest of my money. But money didn't seem to matter that much to me, and I wasn't that concerned about it. Although I had worked hard to get my money, it didn't seem to be my main concern. Nevertheless, even as attractive as the woman was, I had some doubts about whether I was going to get involved with her.

I had always been surprised that I had found someone as attractive as Jennifer to work for me. I had thought it would be difficult to find someone as attractive as Jennifer to replace her. But I had been successful in finding this woman.

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