Dream of: 17 January 1992 "Polka-Dotted Bird"

As my uncle George and I were sitting on the front porch of the House in Patriot, I noticed a small, fuzzy bird which flew up and perched near George. It was a colorful bird, with polka dots on it. I pointed the bird out to George and he looked at it. It looked as if the bird were just a baby which had recently been born. I thought about trying to pick it up, but I didn't and it flew away.

As I sat, I recalled that I had known for a while that George was going to be deported today to Mexico. I was helping him prepare to go. I had thought he wanted to go there and live. But suddenly I realized he didn't want to go to Mexico, that it would be foolish for him to go down there.

I knew his mother (an American) had lived in Mexico for 3-4 years about 30 years ago. Her temporary residence in Mexico was the basis for the present deportation action.

I decided I was going to have to fight to try to allow George to stay in the States and not be deported. I tried to think of different ways I could prevent the deportation. I might be able to get an injunction from a federal judge to delay the deportation so we could show that he shouldn't be deported.

I was also concerned with how George would survive in Mexico. Since he was crippled, he would clearly have a difficult time trying to live in Mexico. I was extremely concerned and decided I was going to do whatever had to be done to keep George from having to be deported.

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