Dream of: 14 January 1992 "Eccentric Boy"

I was watching a scene where a boy (about 17 years old) was going to go to a high school. In front of the school was a small creek. Sitting up on some rocks in the creek was a box which had some files in it. The boy also seemed like me. It seemed as if I were feeling what he was feeling. In front of the school were some surveillance cameras. But their range didn't reach the creek. The creek could be seen from the door of the school, but nobody was watching. The boy pulled out his penis and began peeing on the box of files.

The school officials had been trying to prevent anyone from doing this type of thing. And they had been trying to figure out who had been doing that type of thing. The boy then zipped up his pants and walked on to the school. He tried to make sure there was no evidence that he had done this. When he reached the school, a guard was standing there who let him inside.

This type of thing had been happening at the school and was trying to be prevented. Obviously this was going to cause another uproar when it was found out that this had happened. People didn't understand how anyone had been able to do this kind of thing without being caught. Obviously the boy had been successful again.

I was wondering what would happen if there had been some long distance cameras which the boy hadn't been aware of and those cameras had caught him in the act. I didn't think that was the case, but I thought it was possible.


In the school, other students were talking about the boy, saying he was a rather eccentric type of fellow. Nobody really understood him well. The boy had also been doing something with the letters "f," "o," "u," "c" and "k." Some of the letters were apparently the first letters in the name of the school. The boy had playing with the letters, trying to make a vulgar word out of the name of the school. The other kids thought he was eccentric, but they respected him for some reason. But they didn't really understand him.

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