Dream of: 11 January 1992 (2) "Windows On Both Sides"

Another fellow and I had been walking around Portsmouth, smoking some marijuana. When we split up, I went to a house where I was staying in Portsmouth. I had some marijuana there, and I rolled a large, thick joint from it. I thought I had marijuana stashed in different places, and I didn't want to forget where it was. I wanted to smoke the joint I had rolled, and I thought I might go to Mound Park and smoke it. I recalled that sometimes I used to go to Mound Park, walk around, and smoke marijuana there.

Before I could leave, I ran into Carolina in the house. She didn't like my smoking marijuana. She suspected I had been smoking and she wanted to smell my breath. Finally I admitted to her I had smoked some marijuana. She didn't become very angry about it.


Carolina was lying in a bed next to me. I gradually began sticking my hand down her pants. As I felt her pubic hairs I began to become aroused.


Carolina was lying next to me, naked from the waist down. I looked at her pubic area, but realized there was no hair on it. I was thinking I might want to have sex with her.


Carolina was sitting on a couch. I took off my pants, walked over to her, and stood up on the couch. I intended to stick my penis in her mouth. But she complained about the windows, and I noticed that windows were on both sides of the room. I told her not to worry about it, that no one could see us. I went ahead and inserted my penis into her warm moist mouth.

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