Dream of: 10 January 1992 (2) "New Boss"

I was moving into a large room where I was going to be working for a woman. Carolina was helping me, and all my things were piled around the room. The woman, who was sitting at a desk in the room, had black hair and was probably in her mid 30s. I had my files stacked in boxes around the room, and I was thinking I needed to get some file cabinets for them. I mentioned to the woman that I intended to get some file cabinets.

I rather liked the idea of working for the woman, although I was still unsure how it would work out. Before I had a chance to talk to her, she picked up the phone and began talking with her mother about something. In the meantime I kept working.

But I also wanted to play a game. I had a piece of paper which showed some different boxes on it. The rectangular boxes were divided into six columns with about 20 boxes in each column. The idea was to darken in some of the boxes, and then arrange boxes in the room to correspond to the way the way the boxes were darkened in on the paper. A person would then be blindfolded and told to walk in the room without bumping into anything. The paper I was holding already had some of the boxes darkened in, and I was trying to copy it down. On the blank copy of boxes which I had, I began drawing lines through the boxes which should be blackened.

The first column had about half the boxes with lines drawn through them. The second column had about a third of the boxes with lines through them. The third column only had the first two or three boxes with lines through them. By the fifth row there were no boxes with lines. As I worked on the boxes on the paper, I was sitting on the floor next to the woman. I noticed that the dress of the woman came about half way up her leg. I didn't plan to have a relationship with her. But I was attracted to her, and I wondered what would happen if something developed between us since she was my boss.

A woman (about 20 years old) walked in. She apparently was a client.  She was also attractive. I knew that either my boss or I would have to stop and talk with her. I had her file. I had been working on her file, straightening out. I knew there were some matters which needed to be discussed. But I didn't know whether my boss or I would talk with the woman.

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