Dream of: 05 January 1992 (2) "Contaminated"

My sister was sitting to my left in the back seat of a red car which my mother was driving. My brother Chris was sitting in a red wheel chair in the passenger side of the front seat. Ahead of us, along the side of the road, stretched a body of water. A white, wooden fence ran along the road, between the road and the water. We headed toward the water, and instead of turning when we reached it, my mother crashed the car straight through the fence and we landed on the water. My mother seemed extremely distraught and her face was twisted with anxiety as the car began sinking. I hollered to my mother and my sister that they would have to save themselves, because I was going to have to get Chris out of the car.

I opened my door, slipped out of the car, and pulled myself around to the door where Chris was. I managed to pull him out of the car and over to a pier. I tried to put him up on the pier, had some difficulty at first, but finally succeeded.

Meanwhile, my mother and my sister had also managed to escape from the car and they were already sitting on the pier. Another man, whom we all knew, showed up and talked to us for a while. I myself was still in the water and I pointed out it was less than a half meter deep. We could see the bottom of the water, which appeared to be covered by a beige carpet.

When I finally climbed out of the water, my attention was drawn to some dogs running about. One dog actually belonged to me and I was responsible for taking care of all the dogs. Three were completely black; mine was one of the black ones. I walked with the dogs to a nearby store where I bought some canned dog food. When I walked back out of the store, I began dishing out the dog food on the ground to them. After I had finished, my sister showed up and told me there had been a report that that dog food was contaminated. I was concerned, but now there was nothing I could do.

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