Dream of: 29 December 1991 (2) "Controlling Matter"

I was watching a man who was sitting before me and playing a board game. I was surprised to see him assemble some slender pieces of red metal similar to a toy erector set over top the board so that the metal hovered in mid-air. Slowly the pieces of metal began to move back and forth. Gradually the movement increased until the pieces were moving back and forth in an arch and finally high into the air in a big circle.

Finally I realized the man was controlling the movement of the metal construction with his mind, and I knew it had something to do with ions. I now knew that men in the present day were learning to control matter with their minds, and that I too could learn to do so. These toy projects were only the beginning of greater things. I felt excited at the prospects, but I was also concerned that I myself hadn't yet learned the art. I felt I was behind in learning something I needed to learn.

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