Dream of: 28 December 1991 "Paint Brush"

I was walking through a court house, thinking of all the judges I had come to know through the years. Most had been friendly and treated me well. I thought many had only been judges for a while, later returning to their normal jobs.

I met one judge whom I casually knew and we began having a discussion. He asked me if I were aware of a certain law which pertained to some of the ethical responsibilities of lawyers. When I told him I hadn't read that particular law, he suggested I do so, explaining that it imposed some important duties on lawyers. I inferred that one of the duties was the requirement that lawyers thoroughly explain to their clients everything which was involved in that particular client's case. I thought about how I rarely did that with my clients, and how time-consuming it would be to do so. I couldn't imagine how I could have time to do it. Of course I could hire an assistant to do so.

I subsequently found the law the judge had been talking about in a magazine. I was unsure if it was the complete law or just a condensed version, but I still didn't have time at the moment to read it.

Later, I was in my office talking with two of my clients, an elderly couple named Mr. and Mrs. Warren. I was actually only representing Mrs. Warren, but Mr. Warren was signing some forms for her since she apparently was unable to sign them. I had one sheet which contained three forms which looked like coupons. I signed the top form with the wife's name and beside it, I put my initials "S.C.." Mr. Warren signed the other two forms with Mrs. Warren's name. I then looked more closely at the forms and realized the bottom two were powers of attorney which gave me the power to conduct most of her business for her. It struck me that I had had many clients sign these same forms and I had only now realized the powers which the forms gave me.

I was later in the law office of Leland, where I also had my law office. I had shared office space with Leland for quite a while, but I had only recently begun feeling at home there. My wife Carolina was with me, and I was directing her to do some things, one of which was to tack a picture on the wall. Previously I might not have taken the liberty to do that, but I was feeling more in control of the situation, and I had decided if I were paying rent for the place, I was going to express myself as I pleased.

Afterwards, I found myself in a line in a cafeteria getting some food. I had just been talking with my high school classmate, Mary, who also reminded me of my Dallas-friend, Mireya. Mary had told me about a dream which she had had the previous night in which I had appeared. In the dream, I had been wearing a long black coat. What was most remarkable about the dream, however, was that she knew another fellow who had had an almost identical dream, and that fellow worked in the cafeteria, serving food there.

When I had reached the end of the line and I was about to take my tray of food, I saw the fellow about whom Mary had been talking and I quickly mentioned the dream to him, asking, "Did you know Mireya had practically the same dream?"

I probed the fellow about his dream and I asked him about the color of the coat I had been wearing. He said it was an unusual coat, like one he had only seen once before blue below the waist. I questioned him further and he said I had been trying to catch a cab in the dream. That was new to me because Mireya hadn't mentioned that. He said he remembered that when I had been trying to get the cab, someone had said, "No number 14. No number 14," meaning I couldn't take cab number 14.

As I started to walk away, I looked down at the bowl of brown beans covered with melted orange cheese on my tray. I wanted to know more about this fellow who was dreaming about me. I called back to him, "Let's talk about it some time."

Although I could no longer see him, I could hear him holler back, "Have you ever been in Paint Brush, California?"

He said music was played there. It sounded as if he also said something about a cabin there. I called back, "Do you have a cabin? I have one too."

As I walked away, I was even more amazed. This fellow seemed a lot like me and I thought I should probably get to know him.

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