Dream of: 25 December 1991 "Ordering Breakfast"

I was in a room with some other people listening to a lecture. Perhaps some members of my family were even here. I was finally so tired of the lecture, I stood up and walked toward the door. Just as I reached the door, I pulled off the tee shirt which I was wearing. I was showing my disgust with the lecture, and I thought taking off my tee shirt would dramatize my disgust.

I walked on into the next room, which contained a pool. I walked over to the pool and jumped into it. The water felt good. I climbed out of the pool and dove back in several times. I would dive straight down to see how fast I could hit the bottom.

Finally I went to a shallow part of the pool and lay on my back under the water. I would lie for a long while, come up for air, then go back down and lie there again. Under the water I would keep one eye open so I could see what was going on. At one point a woman walked by the pool.

When I finally came back up, I saw two girls (each about 6 years old) beside the pool. They said they were going to get into the pool with me. Since they didn't have their swimming suits, they began taking off their clothes, intending to just wear their underwear into the pool. One of the girls had on see-through underwear, and I could see her pubic hairs. I stopped them and told them they couldn't get into the pool with me. I told them I could get into trouble if they were in the pool with me. I told them to go away. They seemed disappointed but not upset. They gathered up their clothes and left.

I continued lying in the pool under the water. It wasn't difficult to hold my breath for a long time under the water.

Finally I got out of the pool and began walking around. I had kept my pants on while I had been in the pool. As I walked around I saw a man and woman (probably in their early 20s). The woman was oriental. They had taken off all their clothes. The woman was slender with large firm, breasts. She had an abundant growth of pubic hairs. She was attractive. She was lying on the floor.

Another man who wasn't with her came up to her. It looked as if he were going to make a pass at her. But I didn't see what happened. I thought that I could make a pass at her. But I really wasn't interested, and I just walked on.

I kept walking until I came to a small restaurant there inside the building. Another person was walking with me, and the two of us sat down together. It was morning and we ordered some breakfast. As I looked at the menu, I realized if I had a certain coupon, I could actually buy a car with an order of breakfast. There were five different types of breakfast. For each hundred coupons that a person didn't have, the person would have to pay an extra $1,500 for the car. The highest priced car was only 500 coupons, which meant that it could be bought for $7,500.

Pictures of the cars were on the menu. One silver-colored car had a large fin right in the middle of its back. The car could be used both on land and water. Pictures were shown of the car in water. I thought it would be especially useful on the beaches of Hawaii.

I showed the pictures of the car to the other person and I said I was thinking of buying it. I figured it was only going to cost me about $3,000. I was impressed with it.

A waitress walked up and asked us if we were ready to order. We had actually been ready for quite a long time and I told her we were ready. Actually I had already placed an order but the waitress hadn't brought our food. I said, "Finally after all my deliberations I've just decided to buy a car just to have breakfast."

The breakfast was only going to cost $4.50 or $7.50. I couldn't tell for sure. But it was going to be a nice breakfast. I decided I was just going to have breakfast. It seemed that the breakfast was going to include some halibut. It looked quite appetizing.

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