Dream of: 24 December 1991 "Needing A Paper Shredder"

I was in a room of an apartment where I was living. Hearing a knock at the door, I walked over, opened the door, and found an oriental woman in her mid-thirties standing there. She had a newspaper article which said I had given the FBI or some other police agency some false information concerning her. She pulled out the article and showed me the names of five people in the article.

I began reading the rather short article. I didn't recognize the names of any of the other people. My name, "Steve Collier" was clearly there. I told her I didn't know any of the other people mentioned in the article. I told her I didn't know what the whole thing was about. It seemed the article also had something to do with Weinstein. There was also some information in the article about Weinstein. I told her that I didn't know anything about it and that I hadn't given any information to anybody.

The lady left. I sat there thinking this was a case of slander. I could probably sue the newspaper for slandering me by printing something untrue in the newspaper that I hadn't said. I thought about how I would go about dealing with the newspaper. First I would write them a letter and ask them to print a retraction on the first page. The newspaper would have to print an article saying that a mistake had been made and that I hadn't made the statements.

However, I then began thinking maybe the paper was talking about someone else named Steve Collier who had given the information. I knew there were other people with the named Steve Collier. I didn't know how to deal with that. In that case the newspaper wouldn't have done anything wrong.

I also began thinking the article might have some element of truth. Maybe I had written something down about somebody, and then I had thrown the writing in the garbage. FBI agents might then have gone through my garbage to see if they could find out something about me to investigate. I could vividly imagine someone going through my garbage.

I recalled I had recently seen a paper shredder in a store. I might need to buy one of those to put an end to this type of thing.

I had recently written a letter to someone, perhaps Anderson, and then I had thrown the letter into the trash. It had been a personal letter, and I didn't want people reading my personal letters. It seemed as if it might have been a valentine card. I thought I would probably buy a paper shredder.

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