Dream of: 21 December 1991 (2) "Proclivity For Covering Up"

A long time ago I had apparently killed someone and disposed of the body. In fact, I might have killed several people. I thought I might have buried the body in a hole in the basement, similar to the hole in the basement of the Gay Street House which goes to the cistern. However, I was unsure I had even done it; and I was unsure whether the body might have decomposed so no evidence would remain. Nevertheless, I felt that an investigation was still taking place.

As I looked up the stairs of a building, I saw a black-haired fellow in his mid-twenties standing in the middle of the stairs. As he looked right at me, I had the feeling he was a relative of one of the people whom I had killed.

I walked over to a table and sat down. Several other people were in the room. An attractive girl sitting next to me put her arm through mine. We were working on something together. I felt good about being so close to her; I was surprised that she also seemed attracted to me. However, I was unsure of the actual status of our relationship; I knew we had never had an affair.

I was mostly still preoccupied with the investigation. I didn't know if I still might be found out, and I was extremely concerned. I didn't want to make any wrong moves.

Jon showed up. I walked over and began talking with him. Apparently he was a doctor. He told me he had given a prescription to someone a while back. He had made a mistake and the person had died. He wanted to know what I should do about it. I shook my head. I was cautious because I thought our conversation might be being tapped. If I said something like "you should cover it up," such a statement could possibly be used as evidence against me in my case to show that I had a proclivity for covering up something. So I just stood here, unsure of what to tell him.

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