Dream of: 21 December 1991 "Computer Forms"

I was in a small office which belonged to me. I had a computer hooked up in the office. A man walked in and wanted to sell me a dot matrix printer. I pointed out that I already had several printers. I had a laser printer, and another dot matrix printer which I didn't even use. In my other office I had another laser printer and a couple letter quality printers which I no longer used. So I really didn't need another printer.

Susan walked in and began talking with me about a computer program which she had. There was some way of hooking this program up to a dot matrix printer. It sounded like a good program. Before I knew it, she was hooking her program up to my computer. I looked at my computer and saw many letters and sentences racing across the screen. Obviously my computer was copying her program.

She was standing close to me, and I put my hand on her shoulder. I also quickly rubbed my penis against her. She backed off. I was attracted to her and I thought I would like to go to bed with her, but I didn't think she was interested and I thought that if I were going to do it, I would have to do it slowly.

Meanwhile the information from the program kept flashing across the screen. I finally realized the information was a bunch of legal forms. I thought that would be excellent. I could then practice almost any type of law and have the forms right at my fingertips. Once I had the forms, I might begin delving into different types of law.

I tried to get back on my computer, but wires were everywhere and I had a difficult time negotiating through the wires.

Another lawyer (probably in his 30s) was in a small office right next to mine. He walked into my office and we began talking about the computer programs. He told me he had a program. I walked over to his office and began looking at his computer screen. He was a well-dressed tall slender fellow. I began looking at the forms on his computer. One form was a description of the brain. I didn't know why that was on the computer, but I realized his forms weren't just legal forms. He had many different kinds of forms. I thought I might like to copy the form of the brain onto my computer.

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