Dream of: 18 December 1991 "Painter And Writer"

I was talking with Leah (around 30 years old). She seemed quite beautiful to me -- I was in love with her. She was still in law school. I asked her what she would like to do when she finished law school, and as she lay down on the bench beside me on my right, she said she would like to paint. Apparently she had always wanted to paint professionally, and I had seen some paintings she had done. I thought that she had talent and that she might be able to make it as a painter. But I knew she didn't have much money and I wondered if she would be able to support herself. I asked her if she had ever had to learn to live cheaply. I thought about myself and I knew I could live for probably $25 a week for food costs. I had learned to live like that long ago when I hadn't had much money. I wanted to know if she could live that cheaply.

I was formulating a plan in my mind. I planned to soon dedicate myself to writing, and I now had enough money to be able to do it. I thought it might be possible for Leah and me to live together. She could be a painter and I could be a writer. I knew another woman was in my life, but I thought I would have to simply give her up if Leah would be with me. It seemed like a beautiful combination. I had saved quite a bit of money, about $150,000. I began explaining my idea to her. I told her I had about $50,000 in cash, and I was owed about $200,000, of which I expected to collect about $100,000. I tried to calculate in my mind how long we would be able to live on that. I knew it would be very long.

Gradually Leah had moved around so she was now sitting on my lap facing me. She wasn't wearing anything from the waist up. My face was between her two small but beautifully formed breasts. I looked past her for a moment. Several people were sitting on the other side of the room looking at us. They knew us and I could tell they were surprised to see Leah and me together like this. But I didn't place much importance on what they thought.  

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