Dream of: 16 December 1991 "Change Of Plans"

I was in a car with some other fellows, headed out of Patriot, past the general store at the end of the street. I stopped the car to pick up my sister. I got out and spoke with my sister, who was standing outside. She and I decided we weren't going to get back in the car with the other fellows. As we opened up the trunk of the car, another car with some girls in it pulled up behind us. The girls watched as my sister and I unloaded some of our things out of the car and piled everything out on the road. We both had clothes in the trunk which we took out.

A couple fellows walked past us as we were unloading. One fellow was wearing sunglasses. I also had several pairs of sunglasses which I took out of the trunk. I also pulled my green back pack out of the trunk. By the time we had finished, we had quite a large pile beside the road. I thought it looked as if we had become angry with the other people in the car, but we hadn't. We had simply decided not to continue on with them. I didn't like piling everything out beside the road, especially with all the girls watching, but we did it anyway.

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