Dream of: 15 December 1991 (2) "New Apartment"

Carolina and I were in Gallipolis, where we were thinking of moving. We were standing in front of a building where brand new apartments were going to be built. We walked inside, where it was just one big room where all the apartments were going to be put.

A slender, attractive woman (about 30 years old) walked up. She obviously worked here, and she wanted to show us around to see if we would be interested in an apartment. We talked to her and I told her I had been born in Gallipolis. I felt quite emotional about that fact, and almost felt like crying. I had been born in Gallipolis, and I would probably die in Gallipolis. I liked the idea of returning to live here.

I told the woman I was interested in the apartments. The woman told us the apartments were going to cost $240 a month. That sounded triflingly cheap to me. That would be about $2,000 a year and I knew we would be able to afford that without any problem.

I asked the woman how many square feet each of the apartments would have. But she didn't seem to understand the concept of square feet. I tried to explain to her that the average apartment had 500-1,000 square feet. But she still didn't seem to understand.

I asked her if the apartments in front would be available because I thought those would be the ones I would want. They would be on the street. She said, no, we would have to go to the back. So we walked outside, boarded a car and rode around to what was supposed to be the back of the apartments. What seemed confusing was that the front of the apartments had been in the town, while the back apartments were out in the country. Across the road was a field and a forest with many large trees. It was quite pretty. Right next to the apartment building was a large, steep hill with large trees on it. I also noticed three or four stumps where trees had been cut down. Over the entrance to the apartments was a large rock over the door, and a tree was growing on top of the rock.

As we climbed up some steps to get to the inside, I noticed that one side of the steps was coming apart. Instead of going at an angle, the steps were almost vertical, and I had a difficult time climbing them. When I finally reached the top, I said that there should be a ladder there instead of steps. Just then a man walked up with a ladder and placed a ladder going up to the door.

We began walking through a hall which had apartments on each side of it. I also noticed that someone had set up some small benches and had plants for sale. A number of pretty cacti were for sale quite cheap. I suggested to Carolina that we might buy some. I definitely wanted to get some.

One cactus plant in particular caught my attention. It had holes right in the middle of its leaves. I wondered if someone had cut the holes or whether the cactus was naturally formed that way.

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