Dream of: 15 December 1991 "Going To Die"

I was with my brother Chris who was sitting in a wheelchair. He looked as if he were about 12 years old. I had decided I was going to tell him he was going to die, because I didn't think he knew it and I thought he needed to know. I felt quite emotional. I moved close to him so that his cheek was next to mine. I asked him if he knew he was going to die soon. He waved his hand away as if to say that he didn't want to hear things like that. However I was determined to tell him.

Before I could say anything more, my mother walked into the room. She seemed disturbed that I would be talking with Chris about this sort of thing. I told her he needed to know that he was going to die. When I said that, Chris made an awful face as if he didn't want to know about it, but I knew this was going to be the best for him, so I was insistent that I tell him. 

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