Dream of: 07 December 1991 "Angelique"

I went to a house where Birdie was living, and as I was walking up to the house, Birdie (probably in her late 20s) came to the front door and stood there. She was wearing bright red lipstick and appeared quite attractive. Upon seeing me she immediately accused me of having come to visit her just to have sex with her. Before coming I had thought of the possibility, but I blurted out to her, "That's not foremost in my mind."

We walked inside. It wasn't long before I concluded from Birdie's demeanor and behavior that she was losing her mind. I told her what I thought, and she admitted it. Clearly she was on the verge of utter insanity.

A man and woman (probably in their 50s) walked in and began talking to her. After a short while I spoke with them, asking if they were Birdie's mother-in-law and father-in-law. They told me they were. I told them I didn't personally know Birdie's husband Rick, but that I knew he knew who I was. I told them I was Steve. I could tell immediately that they knew who I was. They seemed very nice and I hoped they wouldn't dislike me. I was embarrassed when Birdie walked up and put her hand on my butt. I pushed her away. They seemed to understand that Birdie wasn't well mentally.

We walked outside together where I could see a car parked at the end of the walk. Two girls were in it, both Birdie's daughters. I knew one was named Angelique; I thought she might be my daughter. I thought now was the time to finally do something about this old mystery. I walked up to the mother-in-law, and told her I might be Angelique's father. She was speechless. I could see Angelique in the car and I kept looking at her. She was about 7 years old and the other girl was perhaps 3 years old. Angelique didn't really look like me. She had a square chin which resembled more Rick. I told the mother-in-law that Birdie had never allowed me to have a blood test, although she had always told me Angelique was mine. Suddenly Birdie (who had come out with us) hollered out in a demented way that Angelique was mine.

The mother-in-law wanted to know if I wanted to take Angelique. I told her I did. I felt strongly about it. I could never have children of my own since I had had a vasectomy, but I didn't say anything about that. Instead I just let her know that I wanted to take care of Angelique. The mother-in-law seemed as if she might be in agreement. She knew the children should be taken from Birdie, and the parents-in-law couldn't afford to take care of both children. The mother-in-law walked over to the car and obviously told Angelique what I had told her.

Rick then showed up. He looked as if he was only about 10 years old. He also spoke to Angelique. It seemed obvious that he wasn't going to oppose my taking her.

I walked up to the car. I held out my arms for Angelique to come to me. She seemed confused and a bit frightened. Nevertheless she moved toward me and I said, "Angelique, we don't know this to be fact. We need to go to a doctor, you and I."

I thought we should have blood tests as soon as possible.

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