Dream of: 06 December 1991 "Good Fertilizer"

My mother and I were in the House in Patriot. We had been there for a while and were getting ready to leave. I was sad because I was thinking how different it was now when we came there. My grandmother Leacy had already died and was no longer there. It seemed as if I no longer knew anybody here. I had no reason to even be there. I thought I might go visit my uncle Ronald. But that idea didn't console me much.

I also thought how when my grandmother used to be alive, a large willow tree had stood in the front yard. I and others used to swing on the branches of the willow tree. My grandmother hadn't wanted us swinging on the willow tree and she would come out and tell us we were going to break the limbs if we swung on the tree. But we never hurt the willow, and eventually it died.

I also remembered that one time I had placed some pieces of cow manure near a stump in the front yard. I had placed the manure in a rectangular area about a meter and a half long and two thirds of a meter wide so three sides of the rectangle had been made of cow manure and one side had been made of the stump. I thought one side of the rectangle had been parallel to the House. But now when I looked at the area where the rectangle had been, I saw that it had been crooked in relation to the House. I walked around the perimeter of the rectangle and saw how green it looked inside the rectangle. I began kicking some of the remnants of the manure from the sides of the rectangle. I kicked it into the yard, thinking it would be good fertilizer for the rest of the yard.

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