Dream of: 05 December 1991 "Gauging Looks"

I was at a school where I was going to take a class. Although I was in a room, I was sitting on a bus. A woman was driving the bus and other students were sitting on the bus. The bus looked as if it were inside a store which sold business supplies. The woman drove the bus up and down the aisles of the store. As we rode around, I realized this was the second day of classes. Apparently on this day the woman driving the bus was trying to acquaint us with some of the supplies in the business world which we could use in our business work. I looked at the supplies as we passed them.

As we continued along the aisles, we came to a section where computers were displayed. Most of the computers were turned on. On most of the screens was a picture of a map of the United States. A computer program could be used to find different cities on the map. I thought about a small village I was thinking of visiting in Ohio, and wondered if I could find it on the map. I didn't know whether small villages could be found. I thought the people who worked here probably used the computers when business was slow.

Sitting next to me on my left was a woman whom I had met the previous day. She was probably in her early twenties and had dark brown hair. She was a bit plain-looking, but still rather attractive. Although I hadn't spoken to her, she laid her head on my shoulder. I didn't mind.

As we continued along, I noticed Brian standing in the store. If he saw the woman with her head on my shoulder, he would think I was interested in her, even though I wasn't. I was going to have to bluntly tell the woman I wasn't interested in her, even though I didn't really want to do that. How would I tell her?

I thought about how when a woman was young, it was difficult to tell how she would look when she was older. It was hard to tell whether she would end up being attractive. I thought about Louise. She had turned out to be all right, but not extremely attractive. I thought about Boley (a former law school classmate) who had always been pretty, but had turned out to be extremely attractive. It was so difficult to gauge how someone would look in their later years.

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