Dream of: 01 December 1991 (3) "Unexpected Visit"

After traveling quite a while on a long path, I reached a house where my good Dallas friend Eloise was living. Although I had previously told Eloise I might come to visit her, I hadn't told her when. I went to what appeared to be the kitchen and knocked on a long rectangular window covered with a board on the inside. The board had hinges on its top, and I could see someone raising it. When it was all the way up, I saw Eloise looking out the window. I was a bit surprised by how attractive she looked. Her skin especially appeared very smooth and young. I told her I had come to visit her for a few days. She told me she had another woman who was living with her, a woman I knew was very beautiful. Feeling rejected I told her I would come back another time. But she was extremely friendly and she told me not to be ridiculous, that I could come in now.

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