Dream of: 01 December 1991 "Jewish Church"

spiritual borrowing creates spiritual debt

I arrived at a church, actually two churches, with their doors close together. I walked past the first one, which was a Christian church, and went into the second one, a Jewish church, which I had visited a few times before. Once inside the door, I picked up a small brochure which had some church news in it, and I was surprised to see my name inked in on one page. It said that I owed someone some money, and that the debt had something to do with a red car. I had no idea to what the writing was referring. I couldn't see the numbers distinctly. I scrutinized them, trying to figure out what it was all about.  

Dream Commentary of June 21, 2015

Although the Dream Journal obviously is not a church, I find the metaphor of the Dream Journal as a church in my dreams particularly satisfying. The Dream Journal seems to have religious aspects which owe a debt to prior religions. The religious aspects are God and the adherence to a God of some sort by the majority of dream-journalists on the Dream Journal.

Unlike the existence of God, the non-existence of God can never be proven.

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