Dream of: 11 November 1991 (2) "Battle With Aliens"

I was on a space ship, sitting on a white floor, next to a blonde girl (probably 12 years old). She was only wearing a pair of white panties, allowing her undeveloped breasts to be exposed. My hand was on her knee and I felt attracted to her. I didn't know if anyone would be concerned by my being so close to her, and I thought of what it would be like to let my hand move up between her legs.


I was lying naked on my back and the girl, naked, climbed on top of me. Although I could hardly feel anything, I knew my penis was a short ways in her vagina. She was a virgin and she said something about her bleeding some. I could feel my penis going in farther. I didn't actually insert my penis all the way, but the girl seemed pleased that she had finally had sex with someone.


A battle broke out on the space ship and it was discovered that four aliens were disguised as humans. I didn't become involved in the battle, and after it was over, the girl and I went to a lower level of the spaceship, where we discovered only a few humans left alive. It appeared all the aliens had been killed, but I still had some concerns that some aliens might still be among us.

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